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Expert systems to tell you what is wrong

You are not alone. Research from Johns Hopkins Hospital and Cornell documents that X-rays cannot find what is wrong with you over 90% of the time, MRIs miss disc damage 77% of the time, and CTs miss problems 56% of the time. Take a look at articles from the medical literature which prove this articles

So how can you find out what is wrong with you? Get accurate information from the Pain Diagnostic Paradigm or Headache Diagnostic Test. They give information with a 94% to 96% correlation with information from former staff members of Johns Hopkins Hospital Take the test

When should you take the test? If you have certain problems  Your Problems or have been told you have a diagnosis listed on the Diagnosis page  Wrong Diagnosis but you are not getting well, there is a 40% to 80% chance you are misdiagnosed  articles

How do you know the test works? Read the testimonials from real people who have taken the test and got good results. Please note that these testimonials are often written on the letterhead of the person who wrote them. These are real people who got good results, not some phony “endorsement” from “Bill G in Ohio” which you see on other websites testimonials 

Injured on the job, have a workers’ compensation claim, auto accident or in a car accident?  Lawyers love the results of these tests. One patient got $5,000,000 (See lawyer letters)

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